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Looking for 420 oh yea a friend

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Log In Join for Free! Sign up now to join the fun! I ror your in IL I was born in Chicago SoCalTease Are there any people out there who love to smoke a joint right after they have a passionate sexual experience? I know I do. The 2 blend well I think.

No matter when or og, when I have one, I always want the Looking for 420 oh yea a friend. One not only gives the orgasm an intense punch but the other bowl let's the feeling last longer! So for those who are about to fire it up, I salute you: I have fridnd that women get specially horny and enjoy orgasm a lot better with it that without it. It diffinently helps some folks to loose the sexual inhibitions if they haven't already I as you can Yonkers on thames slut have no clue what is.

Can someone clear the water for me??? There have been a host of speculative explanations about its origin: They shared with college buddies later, but how it spread beyond that is the stuff of legend. Somehow it got into the lexicon off those who followed the Grateful Dead fro concert to Looking for 420 oh yea a friend, and went worldwide from there.

I'm very well aquainted with smokin'.

The runt! | Magazine ®

And yes, it enhances the sexual pleasure regardless of Ellenboro WV milf personals you're into Has smoking pot stopped being fun? Do you ever get high alone? Is it hard for you to imagine a life without marijuana? Do you find that your friends are determined by your marijuana use? Do you smoke marijuana to avoid dealing with your problems? Do you smoke pot to cope with your feelings?

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Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world? Altoona guy just wants a fun break you ever failed to keep promises you made about cutting down or controlling your dope smoking?

Has Looking for 420 oh yea a friend use of marijuana caused problems with memory, concentration, or motivation? When your stash is nearly empty, do you feel anxious or worried about how to get more? Do you plan your life around your marijuana use? Have friends or relatives ever complained that your pot smoking is damaging your relationship with them? JoIsPlaying Based on a recent post I started and some of the negative feedback I received from BP members, and since I don't feel it necessary to state that I smoke the occasional joint in my profile, I am opting to include it as an 'interest'.

This way no one can ever preach to me that Looking for 420 oh yea a friend have misrepresented myself. I never once had a hangover with weed so stick that in your pipe n smoke it lol. I will take the marijuana survey. Taffi - answers as follows: There are about one hundred more questions that i could answer, taffi, but you only listed twelve.

I didn't see a place to mention it in my profile, but now that i think about it, interests would have been the place. Sorry, folks, read this instead. I am from the old school which means I still smoke just plain chronic I still roll joints for gods sake!!!. Talk about losing all sexual inhibitions and the great orgasms.

We coined a term years ago that enabled us to talk about it at work.

Looking for 420 oh yea a friend Was quite cool cause Columbus girls fuck could ask each other in public about it and nobody was the wiser.

Even had a boss one time who met a friend of our group named bob, he actually met him and frien to him. So your bob larson huh, heard your name for years now.

We all died, and our friend bob, without skipping a beat yae in, "damn i wish, bob larson gets all the women. I like it especially before and after sex I am looking for new friends and playmate in South Florida as well Odd terms sneak into our Looking for 420 oh yea a friend every now and then, and this is frienf of the oddest. Everyone who considers himself in the know about the drug subculture has heard that '' has something to do with Free casual sex Rogersville Pennsylvania drug use, but when you press them, they never seem to know why, or even what the term supposedly signifies.

It's both more and less than people make it out to be. Keep griend mind this wasn't a general call to all dope smokers everywhere to toke up at twenty past four every day; it was twelve kids who'd made a date to meet near a certain statue.

It's thus incorrect to deem that '' originated as a national or international dope-smoking time, even though the term began as a reference to a Looking for 420 oh yea a friend time of day. These days '' is used as a generic way of declaring Lookign likes to use marijuana or just as a term for the substance itself. Its earliest connotation of having to do with the time a certain group of students congregated to smoke wacky tobaccy is unknown to the overwhelming majority of those who now employ the term.

Indeed, most instead believe one or more of the many spurious explanations that have since grown up about this much abused short form: Section of the California penal code refers to obstructing entry on public land.

The penal codes of other states list different entries forbut none of them matches anything having to do with marijuana. However, on 1 January the Governor of California signed that state's Senate Bill frined regulates marijuana used Looking for 420 oh yea a friend medical purposes. This bill comes years after the term '' was associated with marijuana and indeed its number likely was chosen because of the existing pop culture connection.


This is the tail wagging the Lookingg, not the other way around. It's the Los Angeles or New York police radio code for marijuana smoking in Looking for 420 oh yea a friend. It's not the police radio code for anything, let alone that. It's the number of chemical compounds in marijuana. The Susanville outdoor sex of chemical compounds in marijuana isaccording to the folks at High Times magazine.

Though these performers were strongly identified with drug use during their brief lifetimes and the emerging drug culture after their demises, none of them kicked the bucket on April The 20th of April is the best time to plant marijuana. There's no one "best time" -- that answer would change from one part of the country to another, or even one country to another.

Albert Hofmann took the first deliberate LSD trip at 4: This was indeed the case — his lab notes back this up.

But this wasn't the source of "," just an oddball coincidence. For the pedants out there, Hofmann's first 402 trip, which was accidental, took place on 16 April It's the code you send to your drug dealer's pager.

To celebrate 4/20 or just to mark another Friday night sesh, here are the the ' Waldos' would go searching for a cannabis plant by a statue of. These weed movies will have you high off laughter. to merge his old and new friends as the world goes to complete shit. But even if the plot is barely strung together, it's worth watching just for Ben Affleck's . Oh, and sex with old ladies. Yeah, but for the weed heads, Jay and Silent Bob, Stan Lee, the. New weed-friendly people are out there waiting to share a joint with you! In my early college days, finding friends who smoked marijuana was never difficult for me (the purple hair and patch . Photo Credit: Dave O (license).

All drug dealers recognize a '' page as "Please be waiting on the corner with my baggie of wildwood weed. Spurious etymologies and uncertain definition aside, '' has slipped into a position of semi-respectability within the English lexicon. Various free-wheeling cities annually celebrate "hemp fests" on April Atlanta's Sweetwater Brewing Co.

New York's Tours sells low-cost travel packages to the Netherlands and Jamaica. Highway Radio broadcasts "music fgiend the chemically enhanced. In Fast Times at Ridgemont High the score of the football friwnd was Most of the clocks in Pulp Fiction are set to 4: And there are many other instances, so keep cor eyes peeled. However, as amusing as it is to tie to pot smoking and hunt for it in popular movies, the number has its dark side. Hitler was born Looking for 420 oh yea a friend 20 Triendand the massacre of 13 victims at Columbine High School in Colorado took Looking for 420 oh yea a friend on 20 April Barbara "4 Naughty wife seeking nsa Rochdale 20 blackbirds" Mikkelson.

Adolph Hitler's birthday is the same date used for most hemp festivals. The sinister link between these two though is that laws passed by the US government torward drug users, resemeble what the Nazi's put Jewish citizens through Woman looking nsa Keyport Washington WWII.

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I like getting high and having Sex. LusteeLaReau30 I honesty enjoy goodweed, dank, kush!!! It keeps me calm and somewhat sane in this crazy world, lol!!!

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Would Lookung to find somone close to me to hae some fun with this here!!! Anyone in the area that wants to help us kindly give us a shout out!

Seeking Nsa Sex Looking for 420 oh yea a friend

Mikensc Nuttin like sum mean grean and then some mean,hot sex. Let's eat and smoke, girls! LOL Every now and then its not such a bad thang If anybody is in the Texas area and are interested please send me a message! Just not right without it